Run by a group of men who turned their backs on their past involvement in gangs and criminal activity, using personal experience, we support marginalised young people from disadvantaged communities to change negative mindsets and build positive character traits. By supporting young people to feel confident about themselves; build their aspiration and create futures where they feel able to make a positive contribution to their community and mainstream society. Formed in 2012 we deliver workshops and mentoring in schools and Violence Interruption on the streets.

Why are we needed?

It is clear that there is an ongoing need for the work we do. Birmingham is one of the 29 areas, which are part of the government strategies for ending guns and gang violence. More and more young people are being kicked out of school with no support for creating positive change, leaving them at risk of getting into gang violence and criminality. 1 Mile Away is regularly asked by members of the community to intervene with the troubles of young people in the city and to support them through a journey of transition.

Our target group is young people at risk of being caught up in gangs and criminal activity. We are particularly concerned to tackle violent crimes especially those involving weapons. According to the Birmingham Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2014 – 2015, the number of offences involving weapons offences fell in 2013/14 and yet the same Strategic Plan expresses fears that it is becoming ‘normal’ for young people to carry knives in some areas. The Plan acknowledges an increase in the number of young people presenting a medium, high or very high risk to others.

We can see a clear link in the profile of young people we are targeting and the profile of young offenders as published by the National Audit Office.

Some of our quantitative highlights for the last year, we helped people;

With business planning
Start their own business
With writing CVs
With job searches
With housing issues
Search for courses
With personal issues
Get rehoused
Successfully into jobs
Into training courses

These performance figures exclude the impact of our preventative work and the personal, social and financial costs that might otherwise have been incurred. Without One Mile Away working on the ground level, many of these incidents would escalate to serious violence where there is potential of a young person losing their life.

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What we do

We support marginalised young people from disadvantaged communities to change negative mindsets and build positive character traits. Supporting young them to feel confident, build positive aspirations and create futures where they can make a positive contribution to their community.

Our activities include:

Violence Interrupting

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Survival Kit

School Reintegration Programme

Campaign Work

Testimonials of those we’ve worked closely with and partnered with;

“Working with 1 Mile Away has been amazing.”

The feedback from staff and students was very positive, particularly with the relevance of topic to the team of the week. I was personally able to get around to some of 1 Mile Away’s sessions and in my observation the students were enthused, engaged and obviously gaining a great deal from the session. 1 Mile Away managed to tailor the content to the mixed groups of students which ranged from year groups 7 – 9 while still remaining an open tolerant environment
James Barker, George Dixon Academy
Overall I was highly impressed by the 1 Mile away team. Their passion for their work transpired in their ability to engage, motivate and inspire all of the children in my class. I did not need to intervene throughout the session as the men had excellent interpersonal skills and great behaviour management techniques. The instant rapport built between the students and the team was fantastic to observe
Miss Steer, Yew Tree Community School
The input of 1 Mile Away on this trip was invaluable to these young people. The workshops were hard hitting and was able to show the harsh realities of gangs and criminal lifestyles. The fact that 1 Mile Away engage with young people in a very no nonsense manner, with honesty and with the credibility made it very engaging and impactive.
I was very impressed by 1 Mile Away’s professionalism and manner with the young people and I wish you the best of luck in the future.
Amy Freeman

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